The Author
Roland A. Boucher Irvine CA

This Brief autobiography is meant to introduce the reader to the author in the present day – not as a life history. We will be introducing technical subjects dealing with Engineering, Mathematics and Physics so it seems proper to discuss his education Mr Boucher received a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Connecticut  in  1954 and  an, MS in engineering from Yale University in 1955   

After graduation from Yale, Mr. Boucher joined the Hughes Aircraft Company in California where he was engaged in the design of Electronics for the F-106 Fighter. Interceptor Aircraft and later for satellites for communication, navigation and weather observation.

A brief description of four of these programs dating from 1958 to 1972 is attached.  Next we discuss a program funded by the Defense Research Projects Agency the D.O.D. where Mr Boucher developed the worlds first Solar powered Aircraft  in 1974.

Mr Boucher would return to Hughes Aircraft where he would work on a number of classified projects, He would leave Aerospace and enter unto the Toy Business  creating an electric powered radio controlled model car which became a world wide sensation. Mr Boucher has been a life long pilot and in 2003 began a year long lecture tour on the achievements of the Wright Brothers

In 2006 He retired and in 2010 turned to the study of ancient history. In 2011 he discovered that the Sumerians in theAncient Lagash had established a system of measurement based on the length of a one-second pendulum, just as the French would  propose 5000 years later. This lead to  a series of lectures at national symposia and an additional four papers quoted in this website.  In November of 2020 Mr Boucher published the book Ancient Measurement which discloses the source of nine standards of measure from the distant past.

Photograph taken of Mr Boucher in 2004 when receiving an award from the Irvine Chamber of Commerce for introducing legislation in congress to simplify the Tax Code. It passed unanimously in the House. Unfortunately later the Gentleman carrying the legislation in the Senate was arrested on charges of sexual misconduct — it was never brought up It Hence Failed.